What is Forest School?


Our Forest School approach, provides children with the opportunity to take control of their own learning, nurturing their curiosity in the world around them.  It is a a chance for them to explore their own areas of interest, within the context of a woodland.

Forest school also fulfills a child’s right to play; particularly in the outdoor environment.  Children are given opportunities to take risks, which will aid physical development.  Social and emotional development are also aided by children working together on various child led activities.  Opportunities for children to be creative in their own unique way are also encouraged, with a range of tools and resources that can be used.  Our Forest School takes an approach to education, which makes use of the outdoor environment to promote holistic development.

Through our Forest School we provide opportunities for children to engage with challenging, but achievable tasks that help children to: build positive attitudes, raise self esteem, develop new skills and independence.  The children are given as much time as they need to develop the skills relevant to them.

LEAVE NO TRACE – we educate the children about the importance of leaving no trace in the woodland environment.  We teach the children how to leave no trace, so that the woodland environments remain unspoilt and our use of these areas is sustainable.