Stone Age Experience!

Stone Age 2020

The Stone Age is part of the primary curriculum and certainly one of the biggest periods of human history that children will learn about at school.

As teachers ourselves, we can identify with how difficult it is to bring to life a topic which has very little visual evidence. By taking part in the ‘Stone Age Experience,’ children will have first hand experience of what it was like to live and survive during this prehistoric time. The experience is two and half hours and includes an exciting and engaging introduction, with group participation and lots of intriguing exhibits to look at. This is followed by active participation in workshops and finally a collaborative finale, where we explore what we’ve learnt. We can come to you, delivering the whole event in your outdoor space.

All educational settings have different needs, so there is some flexibility in how you want to take part in the Stone Age Experience. You may choose to book us for half a day to work with one class, or a whole day to work with two classes. On occasions we have also worked together with school staff to provide a whole day’s experience for a class. We simply add in extra workshops to extend the experience.

The children are able to explore the following aspects of the Stone Age, each in a practical way:



Discover how stone age people lit fires. All children will have a go at lighting a fire using flint and other natural materials. The children will learn to manage a fire and discover why fire was so important. We have large fire pits, so your grounds are safe!




Explore where stone age people would have lived and built their shelters. Understand that shelter was often needed on the move. The children will work in small teams to build their own shelters using supplied materials. Take a look at Stone Age clothing and a few lucky children will also get to dress up.



Find out about the tools that stone age people would have used. Explore how they made tools. Have a go at using a spear or a bow an arrow to hunt down Billy the Boar! Use simple wooden tools to create a Stone Age bowl or utensil from clay. Have a go at using grinding stones to turn grain into flour the Neolithic way.


Hand Prints


Investigate why stone age people drew pictures on the walls of caves or carved images into stones. What natural materials did they use to create pieces of art or decorate themselves with warpaint? (Extended Workshop – Create Stone Age paintings using natural materials).

Who will lead the workshops?

Two Forest School Leaders will come on the day, both of which are Primary and Secondary teachers. They are CRB/DBS cleared. The class will be split into three manageable groups to make the experience more valuable and ensure good participation takes place

Price: £380 – Full Day, £280 – Half Day

Travel Expenses – Travel is charged at 45p per mile. Please note that we are based near Bristol and Bath. Our preferred maximum radius of travel is 40 miles. Beyond this distance presents further challenges/expense and may not be possible. However, please do present your enquiry, sometimes arrangements can be made.

So What have those taking part thought?

Lisa Twining – Lakeside Primary School (Cheltenham)

Tim and Jane wowed us with their provision for the Stone Age Experience day. Our Year Three children were completely immersed for the duration of the workshops and thoroughly enjoyed re-enacting Stone Age living! The children loved trying to hunt Billy boar and Derek deer at the beginning of the session, lighting fire with flint and building shelters! Thank you very much for a super day, we look forward to inviting you back next year!

Kara Hyam – Harewood Junior School (Gloucester)

(Stone Age Experience) We all loved the day you spent with us, it was fantastic , and the follow-up work was really inspired by the activities that they did with you, the quality of work showed that they had really benefited from the hands-on experiences. Thank you.

We discussed the day within our year group staff and all agreed that we’d love to repeat it again next year. So overall it was great.

The organisation and running times with the groups worked really effectively too.

The activities suited our topic and allowed the children to get hands on experience, this was perfect for what we wanted. The team building element worked really well too.

The children quoted:

‘They showed us how Stone Age people lived and worked and they gave us an understanding of survival in the period.’

‘They were really nice, great fun and friendly. They helped us by showing us how to do the Stone Age activities. We loved the fun activities; it was great to watch them being done and then having the chance to do them for ourselves.’

Many thanks and hope to contact you again next year.

Lydia Morrison – Stoke Bishop Primary School (Bristol)

Our classes had a fantastic time with SG Forest schools on their Stone Age workshop. Tim and Jane were brilliant leaders, giving the children the chance to try a range of activities in the forest that they normally wouldn’t do, from firestarting to building their own teepees! The children were really engaged throughout and came away buzzing with all they had learnt. A great way to complete our Stone Age topic work. Thank you! Year 3 at Stoke Bishop Primary School.

Victoria Norman – St Keyna Primary School, Keynsham

Our Stone Age Experience Day was an utter triumph! The children gained a real understanding of how clever Stone-Age humans were through the various hands-on activities. Tim and Jane were very knowledgeable and made the day extra fun for the children. They all enjoyed themselves and, even though the weather was cold and miserable, not one of them complained – a real indication of a well-planned, exciting day. I can highly recommend this event!