School Groups



We are equipped to work in your school; with experience ranging from Foundation Stage to Secondary School, we are able to provide a suitable programme to meet the needs of your children. If you have suitable grounds, we can work onsite. or if there is a local woodland, arrangements could be made to visit this.

Forest School sessions work best with small groups of children (to a maximum of 15 children), as this best suits the philosophy of Forest School Education. Programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of the children and reflect the topics that go on in school. However, a large part of the learning will be through exploration and through children identifying their own needs. Forest School Programmes will usually last for a minimum of one term, to ensure the best possible learning outcomes.

On occasions it may be possible, and appropriate to work with larger groups for particular events or outdoor learning programmes. We are open to suggestions and happy to discuss ideas with you.

Please consider choosing us to work with your Pupil Premium orEHCP children. A Forest School Programme can offer a safe environment to develop individual confidence and consequently equip learners to achieve their personal targets.

If this sounds like a good proposition, please do not hesitate to get in contact. We will only be too happy to discuss potential plans with you.

Full Day – £280 (number of sessions negotiable)

Half Day – £215 (Morning)

Half Day – £165 (Afternoon)
Stone Age Experience

We also run a one day experience, that links with the History curriculum topic of Stone Age Britain. The experience is designed for a whole class to participate. For further details, please follow the link below:
I’m a Survivor Workshop

We put this workshop together at the request of some Upper Key Stage Two teachers, to fit in with a topic they were running. As it happens, it’s become quite popular and we revisit a number of schools to lead this workshop. It can easily be adapted to work with Lower Key Stage Two. For more information, follow the link below: