Shelter Experts

The children are really getting into routine with our Forest School sessions at St Stephen’s Junior School in Soundwell. They’ve become expert shelter builders and can get us out of the rain in minutes! We enjoyed craft work and a story with hot chocolate today.


Mountain School 🏔

The best day ever at Mountain School with Christ Church Clifton Pre-School. We embraced the challenge of climbing up Sand Point, took a sneaky visit to the beach for lunch and enjoyed taking in the marvellous views.

On top of our mountain we drew field sketches and thought carefully about what we could see. Stood on top of the trig point the children informed us that they could see everything!

What an awesome summer we’ve had with this wonderful group of children. We’ve all learnt so much about the world around us and at the same time had an absolute blast! Till next time – we miss you guys already!

River School

So today we went out with the wonderful staff and children of Christ Church Clifton Pre-School to take part in River School! We found out about meanders, completed a kick sample, built a dam, crossed a swamp using ropes and had a wonderful lunch break in the meadow. We saw so many wonderful plants, flowers and butterflies. It certainly was a real treat; no doubt the children went home with some amazing stories. What were their favourite experiences parents/carers? 😀

Back to Camp!

We had a wonderful evening with the Year 3 children of Victoria Park Primary School, learning about the Stone Age. Some awesome cave painting and we even managed to sneak in on the hot chocolate around the fire!

Ships, Boats and Dinghys

Back to the beach today for another wonderful session with our friends from Christ Church Clifton Pre-School.

We thoroughly enjoyed watching all the boats go up and down the channel, so we decided to make our own boat out of drift wood and seaweed.

It was also a lot of fun running from the swell of the big boats, when it reached the shore. We also launched our own dinghy and gave Lobby the lobster a ride on the surf!

Sadly he fell in twice and got a bit of a soaking, but he didn’t seem to mind.

This weekend we are off to the Forest of Dean with this special group, for a Forest School camp out and we simply can’t wait – see you in the woods gang!

Chelsea – Woodland Playground

The Duchess of Cambridge has unveiled her Chelsea garden this week and we think she would be delighted to see that the children of Christ Church Clifton Pre-School visited their own woodland playground today!

As the Duchess quite rightly points out, participating in such activity is essential for both physical and mental wellbeing. The children were focusing, amongst other things, on cooking today. They collected nettles to make nettle tea and also cooked some marvellous damper bread.

There was so much to learn from the woodland and we’re pretty convinced that the children believe it to be the best playground ever!

#chelsea #chelseaflowershow #duchessofcambridge #woodlandplayground

Back to the Beach

Spent an awesome day on the beach with the staff and children from Christ Church Clifton Pre-School.

So many things to see today from container ships, aeroplanes and helicopters, to natural treats including crabs, sea scud and bladderwrack seaweed.

We also enjoyed recreating Denny Island, with rocks and seaweed, then homing our friendly sea creatures.

Beach School is Back!

Really pleased to be back out with our friends at Christ Church Clifton Pre-School It was back to the coast for Beach School! Fantastic day exploring the beach, learning and at the same time having so much fun. Looking forward to sharing more sessions with you over the summer; we’ve got some real adventures up our sleeve!

A Blossom Affair!

Wow! The blossom was pretty special at our Forest School session at St Saviour’s Junior School in Bath today. We had a lot of fun with that. One particular child did some awesome maths…… yes maths! Equivalent fraction log chopping!!!! I bet he won’t forget that in a hurry.

April Showers

We worked with a delightful group of children from St Saviour’s Junior School in Bath today. They thoroughly enjoyed getting out and embracing the April showers.

We had all sorts of things going on, from chopping wood, boiling water, various craft skills, wide games and of course, shelters to protect us from the occasional down pour!

Have a fabulous Easter break and we’ll see you next term.

Grilled Worms!

We had another wonderful day at St Saviour’s in Bath, with the weather being particularly kind to us. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with fire steels and even cooked up some worm (catkins) treats to eat in their shelter. It was our last club session before Easter and the perfect excuse for an egg hunt!

Tool Time

Lots of new skills learnt during our Forest School Sessions at St Saviour Junior School in Bath today. We particularly enjoyed developing a range of tool skills and putting up our new double hammocks!

Guardians and Whittling

During our Forest School sessions at St Saviours Junior School Bath on Thursday, we got creative with clay and produced some wonderful woodland guardians. We also learnt how to whittle using a bushcraft knife during after school club. We are looking forward to beginning our work with Year four next week.

Back to Gloucester

We had a wonderful day in Gloucester at Harewood Junior School, leading our ever popular Stone Age Experience workshop. This was our fourth visit to the school in four years, which means all the children in the school have now worked with us. We would just like to say you are all delightful – have a fabulous weekend!

Sunday Fun Day!

A super busy day of two halves. First we spent the morning with a delightful group of 11 to 14 year olds, collecting wood, building a fire and cooking an enormous breakfast; it was difficult to keep up with the demand for bacon! In the afternoon we celebrated Marina and Ottilie’s 3rd birthdays in style. The sun came out and we enjoyed hot drinks, birthday cake and marshmallows around the fire. There was some excellent craft work from the dynamic 3 year olds – getting busy with a power drill and an axe!

Perfect Partners

Year 5 had a wonderful time at Forest School this week, with opportunities to develop a range of skills. It all started with a paired activity, enabling each child to take a turn at being supportive of their partner. There were also opportunities to be creative with clay or pastels, while others continued exploring ways to make shelters or learnt the art of using flint and steel. We finished the session sharing our favourite places to be outside. Great time everybody!

St Saviour’s Forest School

We had a fantastic afternoon with Class 3 at St Saviour’s Junior School in Bath yesterday. We had an amazing time learning about fire, building shelters and being creative. It was super to see the children working together well to solve problems and complete tasks.

Stone Age to Clifton

We visited a new school, Christ Church Clifton Primary School on Friday. We took our Stone Age Experience to the year 3 classes and had an absolutely brilliant day. The workshops were well received and everyone learnt a lot from participating. We are looking forward to hearing where the children go with their topic from here. We know that you’ll find out loads more, as your enthusiasm was infectious!

Bakery Open!

Last week we had a wonderful time in the sunshine at St Saviours Junior School. The children requested that we make bread again, as they had enjoyed the process so much in a previous session.

Coming back to the activity demonstrated how much they had learnt the first time, meaning the adults didn’t have to do a lot to help. The children prepared their own fire, mixed a bread dough and cooked it to perfection! There was a great sense of satisfaction all-round.

Christmas Decorations

Today at Forest School we made Christmas tree decorations from scratch. Sourcing our wood, cutting to length, drilling holes and finally decorating them. All that physical activity helped us keep warm on a glorious winters afternoon!

ERASMUS #forestschool

It was a real pleasure to take teachers from across Europe and a wonderful group of children, out into the woods this morning. This was part of the ERASMUS project that St Saviours Junior School Bath, are taking part in this year.

We were able to share the Forest School philosophy with the group and talk a little bit about its impact on child development.

There was plenty of time for fun, play and of course, campfire food and drink. It was wonderful to see, despite the language barriers, children and adults working and playing together. We hope that the travelling teachers have a wonderful last day in the UK and have a safe journey home. It was great to meet you all.

Wellesley Primary Stone Age

We had a wonderful day at the fabulous Wellesley Primary School, teaching the children about the Stone Age. It was great to see the children really engaging with the activities and thinking carefully about what it must have been like to live during this period of history.

Our workshop continues to grow in popularity and it’s been fantastic to have had the opportunity to visit so many different schools this year. We’re putting this one to bed for 2018, but we’ll be back out there in January! However, our Forest School sessions continue until Christmas.

Bread Day

It was bread day at Forest School today. The children mixed their own dough from scratch, prepared and lit the fire and finally cooked their bread. A super effort all round.

Saltford Stone Age

We had a wonderful day sharing our Stone Age Experience with the Year 3 children at Saltford Primary School yesterday. The children enjoyed the hands on activities and even decided to make some of their own stone age tools. We were very impressed with their resourcefulness! On Thursday we’re heading back to do it all again with the year 4 children. See you all soon.


We had a wonderful evening yesterday with the very special Christ Church Clifton Pre-School. The woods were calm and inviting, as we headed in at dusk to make lanterns for our Autumn parade. We enjoyed stories around the fire and feasted on hot dogs and smores. We kept the adults going with copious amounts of piping tea and coffee. In the end, both adults and children were reluctant to leave the warmth of our splendid fire. We look forward to working with you all again shortly.

Hot C!

Our Forest School students worked really hard to make sure we had a good cup of hot chocolate today. They learnt to start fire, chopped some fire wood and learnt to heat water. There were lots of firsts, with the students feeling a great sense of achievement. Well done everybody. 😁

An Autumn Belter

What an absolute pleasure to be out in the stunning autumn sunshine with the fabulous staff, parents and children of Stoke Bishop Primary School. We can’t quite believe it’s a whole year since our last Stone Age Experience. The children were impeccably well behaved and really engaged in their learning today. What a fantastic time for all involved. We hope to see you all again soon.

Fairy Time!

What a beautiful morning in the woods celebrating Alice’s 4th birthday. We loved dressing up as faries and making our woodland wands. Enjoy opening your presents and have an amazing weekend. 🎂