I’m a Survivor Workshop

Our, ‘I’m a Survivor’ Workshop takes children on an exciting journey, exploring a range of survival skills necessary for surviving in different conditions. This workshop is full of fascinating facts and stories of heroic survivors from around the world.

Imagine yourself deserted on an island, lost in a deep forest or stranded in the desert – what would your priorities be?  How would you survive?!  Jane and Tim will teach the children about the essentials of survival.  As is our way, there will be lots of practical tasks; you most certainly won’t be sitting still.

As part of the workshop Tim and Jane will share the wide range of edible bugs that are lurking around in the wild.  If you’re up for it, the children can have a go too – I mean, who doesn’t like a bush-tucker trial?!


The workshop runs for a busy 2 and 1/2 hours.  We can run two workshops in a day, if you have more than one class/group of children up for the challenge.

£290 – Half Day (2 and 1/2 hour Workshop)

£400 – Whole Day (2x Workshops)

Travel Expenses Charged @45p per mile

Please get in touch using the details on our contact page if this looks like the kind of experience you’re looking for.