Spring Changes

We went out looking for the changes that spring has brought about. The blossom on the trees and hedge rows was a big hit with our young explorers. We loved watching the birds send it falling, allowing us to dance under it, as if it was snow! We found cowslips, primrose, dead nettles and hawthorn to name but a few. Climbing into the bough of a tree followed, with almost everyone taking a turn. We then all had a go at an epic obstacle course, before making worm and mud soup for the friendly dragon. Quite an eclectic day!

Escape to the Wild!

We’ve had a fabulous day with Trinity and Rangeworthy Primary School today, sharing ideas for outdoor learning, through our Escape to the Wild! Inset package. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting some new faces and catching up with some older familiar ones! Thanks for being so hospitable and showing great resilience against the climatic conditions. We look forward to hearing your outdoor learning stories.

Celebration Times

Busy couple of days celebrating birthdays. What a difference a week makes! This time last week we were in the depths of winter, this week warming ourselves in the spring sunshine. Lots going on, damper bread, marshallows, whittling, clay modelling and shelter building. Great experiences, thanks to all children and families involved.

Easter Bird Nests

We’ve really been taken with the bird theme in recent weeks at Easton Primary Academy. Today was no exception, with an exploration of how birds make their nests. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their own bird nests and testing them out with a few chocolate eggs. However, the eggs did not last long in the nests! We’ve no idea where they went?!

Chilly Bunnies

Thank you Christ Church Clifton Pre-School for coming out in the woods to celebrate Easter with us this morning. It was a little bit unseasonably cold and we believe the Easter Bunny dropped a lot of eggs in his efforts to get back to the burrow! Not that the children were concerned, as they were quite happy to collect them. Hot chocolate and toasted hot cross buns soon warmed us up and we enjoyed a story around the fire. Have a great Easter break when it arrives!

A Bit of Spring!

We had a fabulous day in a bit of spring sunshine before the Beast from the East returns! First we discovered that the birds had eaten all the fat balls we had made in the previous week. The main event was making a fire and cooking some delicious bread on sticks. After that, Tim showed us how to chop wood and we all had a go at using the mallet and axe. Next week the children are thinking they would like to make nests, because it’s that time of year!

Water & Survival

We learnt how to make water filters today at Whitchurch Primary School. We were all amazed how easy it was to change muddy water into clear, almost drinkable water! We then spent some time around the fire making popcorn, before exploring our own interests. The highlights during this part of the session was probably the ice cream shop in the sand and an adventure playground that one child created using ropes and logs.

I’m a Survivor

Thank you Lakeside Primary School for inviting its up to Cheltenham and giving us the opportunity to come up with a bespoke workshop for your Y4 topic. It was an absolute blast and we think the children enjoyed it as much as we did! So, our ‘I’m a Survivor’ workshop is now out there, and if you fancy booking us in, then please get in contact – you won’t be disappointed!

Feeding Frenzy

Normal service resumed today at Easton Primary Academy. All suited up we headed out into the woods for a bird themed day. First we went on a bird hunt to find our friend Owly’s pals who had gone missing.

Once found we all worked together as a team to prepare some bird food. A small robin came to watch us preparing fat balls and got extremely close. Once the food was hanging in the trees we were treated to a feeding frenzy from a blackbird, two blue tits and of course our friend robin. It was wonderful for the children to see their work being so appreciated!

Taking the Challenge

Lots going on at Whitchurch Primary School yesterday. The tarp challenge got the year 3’s working together well, while the year 6’s enjoyed the challenge of constructing wigwams. The last group got them up just in time before the rain moved in. They settled down with hot chocolate and biscuits, while listening to the sound of the raindrops on the shelter. There was some amazing creative work also today, with fabulous crazy creatures being made of clay and tool work resulting in staffs and hammers.

Treasure Hunters

Wonderful day at Easton Primary Academy. Our sessions consisted of searching for natural treasures, during which we found a piece of animal skeleton, many different feathers, seed pods, alder cones and catkins. We also enjoyed talking to a robin who has been visiting us for a few weeks now. We discovered that he had the most amazing song. During discovery time we engaged in climbing, balancing, swinging, sawing and playing noughts and crosses. It certainly was a busy day.

Rising to the Challenge

It’s hard to believe that we’re five weeks in with our groups at Whitchurch Primary School. Such a fabulous day in the winter sunshine, taking on team challenges, learning to be a great leader and having time to explore our own interests. The golf ball challenge got everyone in a problem solving frame of mind and beating team bests became a focus. There was some amazing creative work, with clay woodland guardians appearing around the woods. Some of the children continued to develop their knife work. We have a bit of a break now, but we’ll be back at the end of February to continue with the fun.

February Begins!

A busy couple of days at both Whitchurch Primary School and Easton Primary Academy. With the Reception children we made fat balls for the birds and the Year 3 and 6, tested their leadership skills with a challenging game, used tools to make Victorian toys and the older children were introduced to the skill of whittling. The sunshine was very welcome and everyone enjoyed the fresh air!

Noughts & Crosses

What a wonderful day of learning at Easton Primary Academy, with our Reception Groups. We started of by doing the RSPB annual bird count and were amazed to see and hear so many varieties. One child discovered a compass amongst our kit and this led to some fantastic mapping of the woodland. We were also totally amazed by the amount of learning we gained from a communal game of noughts and crosses – social skills, problem solving and mathematics. Already looking forward to next week – see you soon!

New Experiences

So we got to paddle in a flooded sand pit, explore a new area of the school grounds, keep an eye out for the local wildlife and all this in addition to the usual exciting Forest School activities. It was great to see the Y3 and Y6 children at Whitchurch Primary School really getting into the swing of things this week. We’ve been inundated with ideas that the children would like to try; they’re certainly going to keep us busy!

Hunker Down

Great perseverance shown by the children at Whitchurch Primary School today, as we hunkered down in a shelter to ride out the rain. We learnt how to select wood for a fire, build the fire and set it ablaze using our flint and steel. There were some brighter spells which gave us a good chance to paint the corrugated iron, dig for worms and build luxury tarp apartments! See you all next week.  

New Discoveries

Yesterday we were back at Easton Primary Academy and it was lovely to catch up with the children that we started with before the break. It was certainly a session for new discoveries, including salt rock used on the playground to melt the ice, alder cones, unusual mushrooms and a pair of robins. We found out that the salt rock and alder cones together, made fabulous shakers. We learnt a new song called, ‘Shake, shake the apple tree’ and used our shakers as accompaniment. There was also much physical activity including sawing wood and moving large logs to create a boat that we could all jump in. December’s Christmas tree made an excellent sail! 

Giants, Wizards & Elves

Great to be back in action today after the winter break. It was even more exciting to head out to a new school and meet the wonderful Y3 and Y6 children of Whitchurch Primary School.  We thought of lots of ways to beat the cold and consequently we were very active today. An energetic game of Giants, Wizards and Elves certainly got the blood pumping. There were super examples of teamwork, with children supporting each other well, building shelters, rope swings and learning to use flint and steel. The children supplied us with a huge list of activities that they would like to do, so we’ll be busy planning over the forthcoming weeks.

Bob the Builder

It all got a bit Bob the Builder today at Forest School! I bet you didn’t get to use a power drill when you were 4 years old?!  The children at Easton Primary Academy  couldn’t get enough of it and were keen to try out other tools including a mallet and a bow saw. December fun!!!!

World Around Us

We enjoyed exploring the world around us today. The chilly weather has brought down most of the leaves from the trees. This meant that we easily spotted a crow, herring gull and magpie amongst the branches. We also learnt about the hibernation of hedgehogs and made some clay examples using sticks and googly eyes! They have now made their way back to class to sleep off the winter.

Wild Weather

 The children (and us) enjoyed experiencing the wild weather today! We had a bit of everything, which made it all the more fun.  The gusty weather gave us an opportunity to explore which way the wind was blowing, by chasing the leaves we had previously sorted by shape. The rainbow had us all amazed and led to a spontaneous rendition of ‘I can sing a rainbow.’  

 The icy chill, gave us the incentive to chop fire wood and the torrential downpours brought us all together as a team under the shelter. Just a perfect day! Thank you👍

Welsh Cakes, Lanterns and Ladders!

Very busy day in the woods. We’re still making the best of the autumn leaves and enjoyed creating some lovely field maple lanterns. We learnt how to prepare and light a fire for cooking and then enjoyed some amazing Welsh cakes. As requested, we built a rope ladder and climbed high up to the bough of a tree.  What an active day!

Autumn Fest!

Well that was a magical evening celebrating autumn, with our wonderful friends at Christ Church Clifton Preschool. We made some beautiful autumn lanterns, that really came to life as the daylight faded.

 The children enjoyed exploring the woodland, making autumn sparklers and relaxing by the fire. We feasted on hot dogs and smores, washed down with hot chocolate.  Tim shared a story, ‘Ferdie and the falling leaves” and Jane led us in a final song before we wondered off into the darkness, using our lanterns to show us the way. Thank you for such a wonderful time. We hope to spend time with you again very soon. 


Stone Age at Stoke Bishop

​It was such a wonderful experience to share our Stone Age Experience with Stoke Bishop Primary School, out in the woods yesterday. We loved the fact that they had come in character, wearing the stone age jewellery,  they had made back in class. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and expressed how much they now appreciate our talented ancestors. The settlement building was a huge hit, with the children becoming creative home makers. What a fabulous end to your topic!

Leaf Love 💚

We are very much enjoying our time at Easton Primary Academy. The children are a delight and have some fantastic ideas. Today was all about leaves; well it is the best part of autumn! First we collected colourful leaves from the shedding trees and made beautiful woodland sparklers. This gave us the perfect opportunity to talk about bonfire night. We followed this up with practising writing our names in the air with them. We then used our CD viewers to spot any falling leaves from the canopy above. Later we really enjoyed lying on the leaves, burying each other and playing The Leaf Monster!

Amazing Day Outdoors

What an amazing day outdoors! No doubt many of you have looked out of the window and thought, there’s no a chance I’m going out today.  Not our Reception children at Easton Primary Academy, who have embraced the raindrops and splashed in the puddles. The learning opportunities have been immense, from collecting and using rainwater, exploring the changes in the landscape, using our imaginations to create unique stories and improving Tim’s complexion with a naturally prepared beauty potion! These children are fantastic and a real joy to spend time with.  Enjoy the autumn break and we look forward to working with you again in November.

Crazy Creatures

Great to be back at Easton Primary Academy to work with the Reception children. Lots of familiar faces from our time in Nursery. The children thoroughly enjoyed using their imaginations to create their own crazy creature and find it a home in the woodland. Discovery time was very popular and all the children pursued their own specific interests.  We’re lready looking forward to next week!

T-wit Ta-woo

Great time celebrating Abi’s 4th Birthday at Ashton Hill Woods. We absolutely loved our first ever owl themed party! Lots of high points, including the wide range of unusual bugs we found, handmade owls, cooking bread and not forgetting the T-wit Ta-woo game.

Enthusiastic and Infectious

A lovely day spent with the Year 3 children and staff at Chandag Junior School   It was a beautiful autumnal day, with opportunities for outdoor learning in the warm sunshine.  

The enthusiasm of the children was infectious and anybody looking on would not have slightest inclination it was the end of the week. Enjoy the rest of your topic on The Stone Age; we hope we’ve inspired you to find out more! 

Stone Age Survival!

Trinity Primary School, Acton Turville – The Stone Age Experience.

Thank you Y5 and Y6 for being such good sports, despite us all facing every season in one day! We were both really impressed with your enthusiasm, ability to rise to a challenge and work effortlessly as a team. You can certainly give yourself a big pat on the back! 
I don’t think you’ll look at The Stone Age in quite the same way ever again! We were really pleased to hear a group of children planning their evening’s entertainment – they intended to reinact the whole workshop again! Sorry parents, we hope it doesn’t get too messy!