Sunshine – Party!

Glorious weather in the woods today as we celebrated two twin brother’s birthdays. It all started with a hunt for the woodland creatures, who had run off with all the treasure!

The children were amazing at sorting the wood for our fire and because it was such a sunny day, we had a go at starting a fire using magnifying glasses.  We were all pretty successful; as the dry leaves made excellent tinder. 

Everyone was up for a game of ‘Giant’s Keys’ and enjoyed getting soaked by the water pistol. A game of sardines followed, before the children were let loose to build dens. 

An appetite had certainly been generated and copious amounts of camp food were soon consumed, including, hot dogs, marshmallows, cake and hot chocolate. 

The children were certainly a bit slower coming out of the woods than when they went in.  A fun time was had by all!


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