Rain – Great! Time to get the drainpipes out. We enjoyed making water shoots, collecting water, pouring, constructing, funnelling, problem solving and learning about gravity. It’s pretty safe to say we had some aspiring engineers on board today; living near BAE and Rolls Royce is clearly rubbing off!

Before these adventures, Bluey our visiting Blue Tit explained to us how food was a little scarce at the moment. He told us how we could make fat balls for his friends, so we got stuck in and made some to hang in the trees. While singing in our shelter we noticed a sneaky squirrel looking for our fat balls; we hope he leaves some for the birds!

It was fantastic to be back with our friends at Filton Hill Primary.  We think the children were as pleased to see us, as we were to see them. See you next week and we’ll do it all again. 


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