First Experiences 

​It was a real privilege to take the Nursery children from Easton Primary Academy out for their first ever Forest School session today.  Despite the freezing cold start to the day and bitter wind, the level of engagement was fantastic. The children were excited to observe the weather at work, from the frost and snow on the ground to the north westerly wind moving the branches above them. We all did some fantastic swaying, replicating the motion above.  When it came to sitting in the bough of a tree, there was a massive queue to be lifted up.  The smiles on the children’s faces was a clear indication of how much they enjoyed that. There was time for rolling down the hill, hide and seek, swings and hammocks, cutting wood with a bow saw and an introduction to hot chocolate and biscuits around the fire. The children made it clear that they would like us to come next week!


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