Four Seasons in One Day

All winds and weathers, four seasons in one day…..we could go on! Thankfully we were well prepared and nothing was going to stop our fun.   We have been blessed with the most amazing autumn and it was great to find the woodland looking beautifully yellow today.  The leaves on the woodland floor added to the adventure, whilst  the gusty winds brought down showers of golden leaves. It was super to be able to crawl under our shelter and warm our hands by the fire when the heavens opened. There were moments of glorious sunshine just to confuse matters. 
It was great to meet our last Year 1 group of the year; they have certainly grown up since we saw them last in Reception. As they are hardened Forest School goers, the wild weather was a minor consequence.  They were soon exploring the woodland and making themselves busy. 
We look forward to spending a few more weeks with these delightful children before the holidays creep up on us. 
See you all next week Easton Primary Academy.


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