A Splash of Colour

​Autumn is an amazing time for Forest School; so much colour and an abundance of things to do. 

Our Reception children at Filton Hill Primary School were delighted to see us and the feeling was mutual! We started off having a good look at the changing colour of the leaves, collected them and then made a spectacular colour wheel.  We thought it looked like Andrew Goldsworthy art and Miss Hake quickly looked up some stunning examples to share on the Ipad. 

As it is firework night this week and the children have already had their own bonfire night celebration in class, we decided to make woodland sparklers. These were a huge hit and we enjoyed listening to the children’s firework song around the fire, as we waved then in the air. 

During our free play session, some children pulled out a rope and discovered a game, that you probably know as Tug of War. Before too long, everyone was involved and we had a blue and a red team. This was a great way to end the session, with everyone laughing and cheering.


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