​Unfazed by the torrential down pours the reception children at Filton Hill Primary School stepped out into the elements.   First on the agenda, we went in search of birch bark to help us light our fire in difficult conditions. This was followed by a trail through the woods, on a hunt in which we spotted leopards, tigers and lions!

Last week we discovered a tree that had died; so we returned to it and watched Tim cut it down.  After, we all learnt how to use a bow saw and a saw horse.  Never underestimate a 5 year old, they soon had the whole tree logged and ready for fire wood. 

A huge fire was necessary today and without our birch bark, it would have been really tricky to get it started in the wet conditions. We enjoyed singing our song Crickle Crackle and some of the children treated us with a solo. 

Have a wonderful holiday folks and we’ll see you in November.


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