48 Hours of Forest

It’s been a very busy 48 hours for SG Forest School; so we have an update post here to cover the many activities of this period.

Firstly, we spent Thursday at Easton Primary School, where we had a leaf and stick day.  We played a game of leaf pairs, before searching for our leaves amongst the trees in the woodland. We then used sticks to make streamer sticks and enjoyed climbing in the trees using a rope to pull ourselves up.


It was then time to move woodland, during which we just missed the most torrential downpour! Over at Ashton Hill we set off to celebrate Charlie and Jacob’s 10th birthday. The highlight of the party had to be the campfire hotdogs and the amazing handmade birthday cake.


Today found us at Clifton High School where we were leading our ‘Born to be Wild’ workshop with years 3-6 (yes it did include a rendition of that infamous song!)  This included a crocodile  infested river crossing, whittling sticks for cooking, lighting fires with silver birch and tinder fungus and making pots from naturally sourced clay. Working with 140 children in one day was quite an achievement! Phew, time for a lie down.



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