Treasure Hunters

Our new groups at Easton Primary were very keen to get going today.  Having watched their classmates come back each week, full of stories last term, they had some idea of what was in store!

We started the session with a treasure hunt and were amazed to find so many fascinating things.  These included: sycamore seeds (that flew like helicopters), petals shaped like hearts, wild cherries, hawthorn berries, magpie feathers and the bone of a small mammal!

After being introduced to the wide range of possibilities, the children began choosing their learning and got stuck in.  The session really highlighted the wide range of interests in the group and the benefit that Forest School brings in facilitating the children’s learning.

Finally, we all enjoyed listening to a story, before singing about our experiences in the session.

It was a fabulous first session and we were delighted to overhear one child speaking to another, declaring, “This is the best playground; I don’t ever want to leave!” How rewarding was that.  ☺





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