Then it Was Summer!

And then it was summer! What a difference a week makes; last week bobble hats, this week sun hats.

Plastic bag kites was the order of the day with our Reception children at Easton today.  Running around the school field got us very hot and tired before we headed off into the woods to make ribbon streamers from more plastic bags and sticks.



There were some amazing nature detectives today, spotting magpies, blackbirds, pill millipedes, woodlice, beatles and spiders. Our reference books came in very handy, especially when we spotted what we thought was a wasp, which actually turned out to be a hover fly.

A highlight of the day came from one boy who was determined to create a spark and light a piece of cotton wool.  He worked independently and showed good fine motor skills until he achieved his goal after twenty minutes.

Other children were clearly effected by the weather, as this came out in their artwork that featured the sun.


Still lots of things to look forward to in the forthcoming weeks. Let’s hope summer is here to stay. 🌞


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