I’m a Bug Hunter!

We got in the mood for bug hunting today by singing the ‘Bug Hunter’ song. This included a wonderful solo from one of the enthusiastic boys. All pumped up and ready to go, we went off on our huge hunt; woodlice seemed to be the big find of the day. The children also found a snail, some worms and a collection of fascinating feathers! The children loved the new bug books and they came in really handy. One girl really enjoyed drawing lots of different made up bugs; her most favourite one was named Twilight.


In addition, lots of shelter building took place during our free play time. We all worked together well when using the Kelly kettle; .the fantastic stick collecting was noted by the whole group.

We finished off with hot chocolate, biscuits and another song.

A great time at Filton Hill Primary was had by all.  It’s fair to say we were all a bit hot today in the lovely spring sunshine! But this didn’t stop us having fun.


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