Magnificent Muck


A new group of Reception children stepped out into the rain for their first Forest School experience at Filton Hill Primary School today.  The weather never seems to bother the children, who are always keen to explore the world whatever the elements can throw at them!  Infact today, the children thoroughly embraced the puddles and mud that nature had provided them.

Imaginations were working overtime when we collected treasures amongst the trees. We found elephant trunks, fishing rods and spoons to name but a few.

The children soon realised that a shelter of sorts was going to be needed today and showed good collaboration, communication and other social skills in the process.  While others worked together to make exciting rope swings.

They quickly picked up the safety rules for Forest School, thus enabling them to make sensible decisions about their own personal safety.  The fire brought a welcome conclusion to the session, as the children pondered on what they had learnt that day.

Already looking forward to session two!


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