No tarp today!

A sunny day, means no tarp today! Glorious weather with our nursery groups at Easton Academy. The children were very excited to see us for their second Forest School session.

Out in the woods we went in search of the Three Basil’s, who were hiding from us. Then some of the children had a go at hiding, while the rest of us counted to ten.   Some found it a real challenge not to take a peek! So, finding anything hidden didn’t take long.

There was some excellent sharing today and it was great to see children offering each other advice on how to get in the hammock and use the rope swing. Some very important social skills being developed today.

A large number of the children were keen to make clay hedgehogs, so we all worked together to collect sticks for the spikes.

At the end of the day we wrote a new song together called, ‘Jump, jump.’  This was accompanied by one boy playing the drums.

A memorable day;  see you all next week Easton.




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