Oh my goodness! Wet and muddy does not even come close to describe our sessions today.  However, the children’s ability to embrace the weather was simply stunning and suddenly made us feel a little bit guilty for groaning somewhat when the heavens opened. There was not one child for whom the weather was even the slightest distraction. This approach did lead to much peeling off of waterproofs and kicking off of clay-clad wellies at the end!

So today the stick tower challenge was fun, abseiling down the muddy mountain amazing, making a double rope swing amusing and finding snowdrops, awe inspiring. All in one session – only at Forest School!

Basil introduced us to his new friends, who came to stay over the Christmas period and don’t look like leaving anytime soon. They wanted to know how we felt after attending Forest School.  The answers we got were: happy, relaxed, dirty, exercised, motivated and ready for the weekend.  A job well done we think.

Well done St Stephen’s you were all ‘above awesome!’ (An in joke; guess you had to be there). 😀





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