A Balmy December Day

Today we introduced our year one groups to some independent whittling, using potato peelers. They worked carefully and quickly prepared the hazel sticks for cooking.

While this was going on another group of children set to work laying the fire and lighting it.  It wasn’t long before we had a roaring fire and the children were fascinated by the shapes the flames made in the wind.

Afterwards we cooked bread on the whittled sticks and enjoyed a story called,  ‘Ferdie and the falling leaves.’ Ferdie is worried that all the leaves have fallen from his favourite tree, but is surprised one frosty morning when all the branches are coated in frost and icicles.  We were hoping that this might be the backdrop to the story, as it is December. However, some of the leaves are still clinging on and we were basking in a balmy 14°!



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