Outstanding – Ofsted

St Stephen’s Junior School in Soundwell recently had an Ofsted inspection, and we are delighted to report that they were awarded ‘Outstanding’ in all areas.  Well done to everyone involved; this reflects on the hard work, time and thought that has been put in by the whole team.

We’ve had a good look through the report and on a more personal note, here’s what the inspectors thought of what we bring to the learning journey:

Through their ‘forest school’ experiences, pupils extend their learning outdoors
and find out more about the natural world.

 The school has in place comprehensive risk assessments to cover activities in and out of school, including for the ‘forest school’.

 Learning is very effective both indoors and out. Pupils are highly engaged by all learning opportunities and are keen to consolidate their classroom learning through the well-designed practical activities that teachers provide to enhance pupils’ understanding and make their learning ‘real’, as seen in the ‘forest school’.


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