Making the Best of the Rain

We had a right soaking today; fortunately we were well prepared at Easton Primary Academy. The huge group shelter was needed and our wet weather gear was out in force!

Jane and Tim had a good delve into their garages and recycling before heading out. They managed to emerge with bottles, funnels, pipes and pots. These were put to good use by the children, who collected rain water from the tarps (+ ran our fresh water source dry!) and created routes for the water to travel.

A real highlight for us was when a group of children went off to play (another word for children’s very important work) and told us we weren’t allowed to interfere. They were extremely proud when they invited us to see what they had been doing.  Their work was all self initiated and this was the first time they had created a shelter without support. It came complete with bed and mud painted walls! It’s amazing how much the children have picked up from observation and experience.

Sadly there aren’t many photographs today, as the camera got a bit grumpy every time we brought it out in the rain.  However, here are a few snaps of the water play.



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