Double Party!

We think the fact that there was not only one birthday to celebrate, but two, encouraged the weather to break, just at the right moment!

We had an interesting morning running around in the rain, as we set up for a double birthday party.  At one point we thought we might be huddled under a tarp for the duration of the party.  However, the weather did us a favour.

Our birthday boys were celebrating their 6th and 4th birthdays. They started off by lighting us a fabulous fire and then it was down to the important job of playing.  During this time some of the children whittled some hazel and helped Jane mix some bread dough.

Later we cooked our bread on the fire, which was a little tricky, as the wind was whipping about a bit.  Lots of the Dad’s were crying due to the smoke!

Today, shelters and dens were appearing all over the place, with so many different designs. The clay was popular and the children created lots of woodland creatures. In addition to our make believe creatures, some real ones made an appearance. We had some future David Bellamy’s in the woods today!

After the singing of Happy Birthday and blowing out of candles, it was time to splash through the puddles, back to the car park.

Another gathering of tired, but happy parents and children.



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