Ice Cream Interlude

Last week with our Year Six Forest School groups today, so it was definitely time for bacon baps! 

Cooking on the fire was the order of the day, with bacon and eggs the main focus.  We also used a kettle on the fire for boiling necessary water.

We had a welcome interlude, in the way of an ice cream van appearing on the playground, half way through the day. The whole school were celebrating as their recent Ofsted result was announced, rating them in the category of Outstanding. Well done to everyone at St Stephen’s; it’s good to see that your hard work has been recognised.  When walking around the school and interacting with the children, it is clear to see why you have done so well. 

We were pleased to be mentioned a couple of times in the report; it’s rewarding to know that our work has been recognised.

Finally, thanks to the Year Six children for your feedback and warm words today.  Clearly you have enjoyed Forest School and it has helped you with some important things in your lives. This makes us happy. 😆





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