Forest School Sparklers 🎇

Glad to be back to it at Easton Primary Academy, after the autumn break. The trees are really giving up their leaves now, and although sad in some ways, it has created fun opportunities today.

We headed off on a leaf hunt (the more colourful the better), in order to make some Forest School Sparklers. This was our way of remembering that it’s bonfire night! However, we were soon distracted as our hunt turned into a fungi discovery trail. They were popping up everywhere and the children were fascinated.


Eventually back at base we settled down to constructing our beautiful sparklers.


The thousands of leaves soon gave us another distraction, as we were soon burying Forest School Leaders and the occasional child!


The fire was very welcome on such a rainy day.  Jane had a funny five minutes and wrote a song she called Pitter Patter! I think the rain was starting to get to her by this point.


Rainy day forecast for tomorrow St Stephen’s – so wrap up warm.  We’ve got something special organised for you, so we’re pretty sure the weather won’t bother you.


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