Autumn Bunting

The first Friday of October took us back to St Stephen’s Junior school. Again we were spoilt with glorious weather and everyone enjoyed soaking up a few of the sun’s rays.

The autumn leaf theme continued and soon colourful bunting was seen swinging from the trees. This was created using an open clove hitch, that Tim taught everyone.  To help us remember how to complete the hitch, we learnt the phrase, ‘put a fish on a dish!’ Others enjoyed making collages with the leaves.



There was a huge uptake for whittling today, so it was just as well we’d cleaned and sharpened the knives.  One child explained that whittling made her feel very happy – we know exactly how she feels!


The remainder of our time lent itself to some impressive den building, skillful tree climbing and Kelly Kettle management.


Finally, a huge thank you to Kathryn and Ellie who came and helped out today.


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