New Forest School Groups

After spending most of pre-nine o’clock setting up a network of useable tarps, the sun decided to shine all day in Soundwell!

We met a lovely group of year 6 children and are delighted that we get to work with them over the forthcoming weeks.

We started off with a game of ‘Meet a Tree’ and despite one of the learning objectives being trust, Tim was led into a hedge by a mischievous student!


After which we learnt about fire and the need for dry fuel.  This became increasingly apparant when we could only find damp wood; as you’ll see from the pictures, we soon discovered a way of creating a lot of smoke!


Free time resulted in whittling, frog hunting, swinging in hammocks, breaking into conkers with mallets and threading them on twine. Lots of very therapeutic activity. (Especially the mallets!)

Roll on next week.  ☺



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