Graduation and Clove Hitches

We had the privilege of attending the Reception children’s graduation ceremony at Easton CE Primary Academy today.  The children looked amazing in their gowns and hats!

Once all the celebrations and photographs were over, we got on with the business of Forest School.  To mark the end of our time with this group of children we had a treasure hunt which ended with some chocolate prizes. 

During our free time, one little girl whispered in Tim’s ear, asking if she could make some steps. After a few probing questions, we concluded that a rope ladder had been requested! This became quite a project, with children cutting wood for steps, learning to attach the steps using open clove hitches and attaching the rope to the tree securely. Once constructed it did not take long for an orderly queue to form, with children taking turns to climb up to the bough of the tree.  Some of the children felt that Basil was missing out in all the fun, so a mini rope ladder was made just for him.

We’ve had an amazing summer with this
group of children and are very pleased that we’ve been invited back to work with them in the autumn. 

Thank you so much for your beautiful cards. See you all after the holidays.






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