Year Six Leavers

Lovely to spend time with year six children at St Stephen’s today.  With one week to go until they all move on to secondary school, there was much to talk about. Lots of people are excited, but at the same time, understandably anxious.  Hopefully, we went some way towards making them feel a little bit more comfortable about the big move.

We all had so much fun in our warm up game, as we tried to steal the keys from the blindfolded keeper, with the very large super soaker. It would be fair to say that some keepers were a little more generous with their three squirts than others!

As a reminder of their time at the school, some of the children chose to make a leavers picture frame. We taught the children how to tie a Japanese Square Lashing, in order to prepare their frames. The children then used pastels to decorate their pictures.

We finished the session around the Forest School fire with hot chocolate and some delicious smores.

Good luck at your new schools Year 6; we know you’ll all do fantastic.





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