It’s Empty Classroom Day!

What a beautiful day we had at Forest School, as we celebrated Empty Classroom Day. The sun really shone at St Stephen’s and we took advantage by starting with a game of ’40, 40.’ The children had never played it before and could not be dragged away to start other things!

With Tim working elsewhere today, Katie stepped in to help us out.  Her artistic skills came in very handy, as the children had the opportunity to make some beautiful hazel stars.  Some children took the activity in their own direction and made bows, arrows and wood sculptures. Thanks Katie for your help!

After so much running around earlier in the session, we turned our attention to listening skills and being mindful.  We all found quiet places (up trees, under trees, in a den) on our own and spent five minutes listening to the sounds around us. We recorded our results on a directional map;  the results were fascinating! It’s amazing what you can hear when you just stop and think about it.

It’s an SG Forest School mini-break next week; we’ll catch up with our St Stephen’s Forest School friends in a fortnight.





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