Bread on a Stick

We started today’s sessions at St Stephen’s with the story stick; making up our own ‘Fortunately, Unfortunately,’ stories.  This was closely followed by a game of Twiggy Friends, in which we saw some excellent collaborative work.

Then followed a busy session of cooking.  Before we could get started the children prepared the bread dough and whittled the cooking sticks. The rules for safe practice were carefully followed and knife confidence is certainly growing.

After starting a roaring fire we waited for the embers to settle down before we started cooking on our sticks.  Quote of the day came shortly after tasting our produce, with a declaration of- “Come on everybody, thumbs
up for bread!”

Despite the dramatic weather forecast, we all stayed warm and very dry.

Our attention now turns to this weekend, when we’ll be spending some time in the Forest of Dean with Christ Church Clifton Pre-School.







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