Hot Chocolate in the Sun

Second trip out for our new reception children at Easton Primary Academy.  What a super day in glorious sunshine; we were actually very grateful for the shelter of the trees in the woodland.

The children were determined to have hot chocolate this week, despite the temperature almost hitting 30°c. So, we took the opportunity to teach the basics of fire lighting. While feeding the Kelly Kettle with twigs, one of the five year olds declared, “I could do this all day!”

We also went searching for treasures during the day.  We found some amazing sycamore seeds and enjoyed watching them spiral to the ground.

One boy was very keen on moving logs from one part of the forest to another.  So we taught him a timber hitch and he happily used a rope to shift his logs.

Next week we agreed that we would cook bread and the children are now very excited about the prospect of a bigger fire!






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